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history of pelionPelion (Πήλιον, Pilio) the summer resort of the Olympian gods and the birthplace of the Centaurs is the "Pride of all mountains in Greece" as the Greek Poet George Drosinis said.

Here, in the magnetic atmosphere of the Pelioritic landscape, history mingles with legend, the wild with the tranquil, yesterday with today.It was here that the heavenly wedding of Peleas and Thetis that Homer, Pindaros and Euripides sang about, took place. The legendary ARGOS set off on its long journey to Kolhis from here with Jason and Argonauts who were seeking the Golden Fleece. Here, the wise CENTAUR Chiron taught the demigods ACHILLES and HERCULES and here ASKLEPIOS was taught medicine.

But the traces of the historic course of PELION throughout the centuries are stamped on the ruins of ancient cities, on the remains of Medieval castles and the monuments of old christian basilicas.From the 12th century Pelion emerges in the historic limelight as a "monastic city" thanks to the many monasteries built by monks of Agion Oros, mainly on mountainous and safe sides.

As time goes by, around the monasteries new settlements are set up and as the population moves from the coast these settlements are organised and become small towns and villages which, during the Turkish occupation, gained privileges and therefore economic and cultural prosperity during the second half of the 18th century.

pelion architectureSo, the big villages of PELION turn into real museums of Folk Art and Architecture. The haughty figures of the tower-like houses, the basilic churches with wood-carved screens and the excellent frescoes, the cobbled paths, the tree-shaded squares, the stone fountains and arched bridges have been preserved, composing the unique scenery of Pelion. Above all this is the heavenly nature of Pelion that excites and mesmerises its numerous visitors.

*(quoted from PELION PHOTO ROUTE by M.Pornalis)

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