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Βερόνικα και Μαρκ Τ., Λονδίνο - - -

Ανακαλύψαμε τον Παράδεισο! Σίγουρα ο Μίλτον δεν είχε επισκεφθεί το Πήλιο όταν έγραψε τον “Απολεσθέντα Παράδεισο”. Πρέπει να βρούμε ένα τρόπο να γεμίσουμε ένα μπουκάλι με όλες αυτές τις μεθυστικές ευωδίες, το θρόισμα των φύλλων, τον παφλασμό της θάλασσας και το τιτίβισμα των πουλιών και να το πάρουμε μαζί μας στην Αγγλία. Δεν υπάρχουν λέξεις για να αποδώσουμε αυτήν την ομορφιά του Κτήματος. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για τις αξέχαστες ημέρες που περάσαμε κοντά σας.

Laurence et Yves T., Paris - - -

La légende dit que les Dieux de l Olympe venaient se reposer sur les monts du Pélion……La théorie de la relativité explique qu’il est possible de remonter le temps et crois que nous avons peut-être vécu cette expérience…….Un grand merci à Andreas et Mary de nous avoir fait connaitre ce jardin des Dieux.

George and Eugenia K, Germany - - -

We will miss the surfing of the waves the rustling of the leaves and twittering of the birds which have awakened childhood memories… . Dear Mary and Andreas we thank you for your care and hospitality. We have had an unforgettable time! We shall meet again… Auf Widersehen.

Antonis and Erietta P, Athens - - -

There are no words to describe how delighted we have been with this idyllic location! Pelion the summer resort of the Olympian gods together with your kindness and warm hospitality have made our holidays like an unreachable dream that we wished, it would never end. We thank you with all our heart for letting us relax and be inspired in this paradise!!!

Antonis and Eleni Z, Crete - - -

In this hospitable paradise we spent unforgettable days. The hospitality and kindness of the hosts Andreas and Mary made us believe that we have known them for years like good old friends! We dedicate them this mantinada (a short verse):

“All the beauties of the world are gathered in your Ktima (Estate) Like a superb painting on a canvas!"

George and Toula, Thessaloniki - - -

We envy you! You live in nature and have become one with it. Just as all of us should have been… .Regarding your magnificent Estate is like a precious diamond on a jewel (Pelion).We will miss the sounds and scents below our window.

Penny and Dinos G, Athens - - -

Combining the first wedding anniversary with an escape to Agios Ioannis is in itself a unique experience. From the first moment you arrive in this Estate you are embraced by the warmth and hospitality of the owners who have constructed it with love and taste so it is in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Catherine and Peter H, East Devon - - -

Pelion and your home is heavenly. The song of the sea way below our window, the song of the nightingale high in the trees… . How we wish we could stay longer and enjoy more of this peace and tranquillity and your warm hospitality… . Warm memories will remain and we will return.

Andreas and Nancy P, USA - - -

Thank you for the wonderful vacation. This is the best resort I have stayed in my life. Your hospitality is incomparable. You have created a paradise on earth and we thank you for letting us share it with you.

G. Maguire, B. Harrison, C. Carven, USA - - -

The warmest of welcomes, the newest spring on display from hilltop to beach. The generous light, the endless water… . Many thanks from some grateful travellers.

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