There are plenty of activities and sports in both, winter and summer, such as: trekking, scenic walking, windsurfing, skiing, horse riding and water-skiing.

Sit outside on the balcony and enjoy the magnificent seaviews.

Wake up looking at a gorgeous sunrise. Sleep with the mesmerising sound of lapping waves.

Soothe the soul and your eyes at a long kept secret.

Sip your glass of wine by the pool in the evenings.

Car Hire is recommended to explore the 24 villages of the breathtaking Pelion landscape.

Guided Sea kayaking by Apostolis & SUP day-trips. (see link)

Guided path walking by the experienced guide Jill. (see link)

Enjoy snorkeling and discover the underwater world.

Scenic walking in the famous Pelion Kalderimia in Damouchari or Fakistra.

Horse riding In the Mountain Village of Tsangarada.

Admire the breathtaking Pelion landscapes and wait patiently for the Dolphins to appear far in the horizon.

Experience memorable Pelion Holidays in Theodorides Estate!

Enjoy snorkeling and discover the underwater world.